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Give Us A Call 610.628.2480

Doug & Alice

Working with Josh Gillow was probably the best experience we have had with a contractor. Josh was professional, responsive, reliable, creative and smart. The resulting deck, patio and landscaping exceeded our high expectations and will add significantly to the value and enjoyment of our home.

We have built two homes, so we have had significant experience working with builders and contractors. We hired Josh to build a deck and patio and do some landscaping in our backyard after getting plans from him and one other well-regarded landscaping firm. What impressed us about Josh’s plan was its creativity and the many ways it answered the needs we had communicated to him at our first meeting.

He had obviously listened, and found a way to include the shade and privacy we needed, the entertainment space we wanted, and some storage space for which we hadn’t even thought about asking. Instead of the standard square deck and patio, he creatively incorporated curves and subtly defined spaces. As the work progressed, his attention to even the smallest details became apparent, from the careful placement of lights and electrical outlets, to disguising the cap on the gas conduit embedded in the patio, to the inclusion of decorative hinges on the doors to the storage space. Josh was also completely dependable and responsive. We never had to call him to find out the status of the project.

He always contacted us first with scheduling information, and he and his subcontractors always came on time (or earlier!) We could text him with questions at all hours and get a prompt and informative answer. His subcontractors worked through all kinds of weather. It was so much fun to come home every day and see how far the work had progressed rather than lament that none had been done. Whenever we wanted anything changed or fixed, it was done the next day without delay or excuse. When the project was finished, it was everything Josh had promised it would be and more.

Quality does not come cheap, but Josh’s prices were fair and he helped us invest wisely. He let us know when we had an idea that would not work well, and gave us some cost-saving options that would not diminish the finished look of the project. He was smart and flexible enough to make small changes as the project progressed in order to make it look and function optimally, at no added expense (unless we added something). As a result, the plantings, the deck, the patio and the lighting are stunning. Josh clearly loves his work and takes great pride in doing an outstanding job.

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